FKS Foundation has three main interventions for education program; which are:


Scholarship for talented children who come from poor family. We carefully selected potential children in our coverage areas together with community and gave them access to get quality education. We believe that our investment to those talented children is our investment for future leaders and better community

School Model

In order to provide quality education, there should be a better education system, complete facilities, and strong management at the school level. We started the project of school model by selecting on one of well-recognised schools in the coverage area as a school model, and then elevate its system and facilities to become one of the best school in the area. This school model will become centre of learning for other schools and will provide access for talented children from poor family to study there.


To improve our reference for new knowledge and innovation, we open the opportunity for students, teachers and academicians to conduct research focussing on productivity, health and education. The result will be used for reference to improve current program and shared with stakeholders to leverage the information.