About Us


We would like to present FKS Foundation as part of our contribution for continuously serving the nation.

Dear Friends,

FKS Foundation is founded by FKS Group as reflection of our corporate care and social responsibility toward community and environment. The foundation focusses on education and humanitarian work because we believe that through education, children can reach their dreams and contribute to development. Quality education will equip every child with skills and knowledge to grow their potential and build a better community. Children who reached better education and nurtured in good environment will be a great future leader. That is our goal; to create future leaders.

On the other hand, we realized that our community lived in disaster prone area. We can’t avoid disaster; what we can do is to adapt and hand in hand to reduce the impact when it happens.

FKS Foundation committed to support the people who suffered during natural disaster or internally displaced people as part of our humanitarian program.

We also care for homeless, disabled persons, poor families and orphans, because we believe that everyone deserves better chance to get better future. We support them in term of donation, safety net and health program. Hopefully, our passion and works through this foundation will inspire to help others. We hope FKS Foundation will bring more impact in upcoming years as our vision to fostering nation’s potential for better future.


Edy Kusuma & Wanda Kusuma